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Why training?

The business environment is constantly changing and requires top performance, passion and flexibility from you and your people.

Top-sporters train every day!

Why wouldn’t you offer your top-sporters opportunities to be trained by professionals to develop their skills and competences to be up for the job of the future? Training makes fit; fit makes people more willing and able. Motivated people want to stay longer and perform better.

Focus area’s within our training curriculum:

  • Consultative selling; how to offer customers perspective to build their business.
  • Negotiating a win-win outcome; building trustworthy outcomes.
  • Winning business deals; the science and strategy to get a grip on complex buying processes.
  • New business development; prospecting with impact, talking to the right people.
  • Account Management; how to build a long term partnership.

Does your organization need an external trainer?

We see long term development of your people as one of your core responsibilities. A professional training should fit into your overall commercial strategy. We can help you to align or even further develop your sales strategy (see consulting)

Specific training can help you boost knowledge and/or skills efficiently. Use us where we are best in, training is in our DNA, we know what we are talking about.

How do we proceed?

Every project start with a thorough analyses of your target market, your strategy, your people and the desired knowledge, skills and competences. Resulting from this GAP-analyses we would like to make you a proposal. Together with you we decide upon a development project.

We consider it important to embed measurement to show the Return On Investment. With every training we initiate, we propose internal coaching to create more insight, better understanding of individual growth potentials and durable change.

Over 4.000 people in different countries, from a variety of industries, with different cultures preceded you. CEO’s, CCO’s managers, Key Account Managers, Internal Sales etc. We understand to deal with different backgrounds and different levels of experience!

Try us out and you will appreciate for having made this step.

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What do we here from trainees?


“Finally a clear structure that helps me lead a good and successful conversation. No tricks but a proven practical approach”

Well structured training course which helps transitioning from old-school selling to a consultative approach which is likely to be more appreciated by potential customers. The knowledge and approach of the trainer helped a lot.”


“This methodology and structured approach made it easier to coach my team. It is flexible, transparent and thus easier to coach my team”.


“Never knew that so much science was involved in negotiating. At least now I can help my customer to close the gaps without losing face!”

“Had I known this before, it would have prevented me from giving away so much discount, so easy”


“Calling people I do not know used to be scary. I now engage new business opportunities which much more confidence as a result of which I have better conversations and I get better and more follow up”


“Making a thorough structured analyses of the stakeholders and other influencing factors within new business opportunities helps me to build a better plan and communicate more effectively – both internally as when I’m sitting with the right people at the right moment. I see that in the business we generate and the relationships we build.”

You want to know more about training?

Visit the Miller Heiman Group Website or contact us: +31 (0)252 620210

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