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EMC | People make the difference


Every individual has the ability to grow!

Discovering, developing and deploying talent is not taken for granted in very organization. Leadership and motivation are important elements to obtain the best out of people. We at Enmaco believe that dreaming big and jumping high should be an option for all.


Developing people with an eye for differences

Knowledge; Skills; Passion; Leadership; Focus
We passionately and expertly help to develop people and organizations, resulting in optimization of growth.


Love yourself so that you can love others. Happy people ‘last longer’. They are less self centered and pleasant to work with. Servant leadership is the base from which involved leaders take responsibility and develop initiatives.

All big journeys started with a first step. Initiative to improve, change, makes the world of tomorrow better.

Sharing is multiplying! Knowledge and experience are sources of inspiration for others. A benchmark. By learning from others we can speed up our growth curve.

Expertise should be considered a ‘verb’. Knowing who you are and constantly being eager to learn and develop makes life interesting, for yourself and for others around you.

Value creation exceeds profit optimisation
Make a difference to others, improve society, cherish our planet, create rather than produce.

René Enthoven

Senior trainer / Business consultant

René has over 30 years of sales, sales management, and executive management experience in a variety of industries. He has held the positions of sales representative, sales & marketing manager and director-owner in an international setting. He is fluent in Dutch, English and handles well in German and Spanish.

René’s strong and international business background has prepared him well for his current role of senior trainer and business consultant working with Enmaco b.v.

René is a master certified trainer, focusing on sales, service and leadership. In addition to conducting training programs, he conducts certification workshops, client presentations, and provides follow-up coaching for participants, managers and executives. Talent development and retention is a key success-factor in business!

How do we proceed?

René has in-depth experience delivering training programs and designing workshops from frontline to executive-management levels.

He has provided training and consultancy within numerous industries such as automotive industry, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy, technology, manufacturing, finance, oil & gas and logistics.

Having worked with so many different industries, and international target audiences, as well as different levels of personnel, René is very adept at gaining a strong understanding of client’s operational and business issues.

He also has a clear understanding of the cultural differences and is able to connect swiftly to different target populations. He is able to make the training very relevant to participants and their specific jobs, thus helping them to become more effective and efficient in their current role.

In addition to his broad experience, René possesses a warm and professional interpersonal style. He quickly engages his audiences with his interactive approach, sense of humor and a vast knowledge base.

More information about EMC or René Enthoven?

For more information about us please contact us through the response form or contact us directly +31 (0)252 620210

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